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I joined Good Hope Church in November of 2013 and at that time I was broken, confused, angry and brainwashed by false doctrine from a previous church I had attended. The moment I meet pastor Josh and Ruth Robinson I knew these individuals were genuine. Good hope church has changed my life by drawing me much closer to God, saving my marriage at a devastating time, and helping me to get and attain jobs. They also helped  with transportation and buying the uniforms I needed,  giving food boxes every month, and giving me wisdom and insight. They were there for me and showed me love when I needed it.

Brian McKinney

Loving God

At Good Hope Church we are learning to love God as His children, accept His unconditional love that He has for us, and understand how God’s love can and will transform our lives if we let it. GOD’S LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!

Loving People

The love of Jesus compels us to move beyond ourselves and love one another. As we accept God’s unconditional love for us we are moved with compassion to love and care for those around us. GOD’S LOVE MOVES US TO ACTION!!!

Making Disciples

Discipleship is simply the process by which we help each other learn how to love God and love people more fully. We are all on a journey and all fall short in many ways. GOD’S LOVE CONNECTS US & BUILDS US UP TOGETHER!!!

Pastor Josh & Ruth Robinson

In August of 2013, Pastors Josh & Ruth moved from California to Washington D.C. with their four children in response to the call of God upon their lives. The fruit of their obedience was Good Hope Church (GHC)–a church with a simple vision: to create a community that emulates love for God and love for people. Good Hope truly is God’s Hope for the Anacostia & SE community. GHC is truly a place where you’ll find hope for your future and joy for your present. You’ll also find inspirational and engaging worship services filled with warm and inviting people who are eager to get to know you on a personal level. Why not pay Good Hope a visit this coming Sunday? We would love to meet you! CONNECT WITH US ON FACEBOOK: GOODHOPE


Good Hope Church Year End Report (2016)

A Year of Stretching – A Year of Blessing – A Year of Growth The Apostle Paul talks about learning to be content in all situations. Whether in plenty or in much; Paul understood that the level of his contentment and happiness was not based on what he was going through, but was firmly rooted in His relationship with Jesus. This year has been a year of stretching like no other. We have gron in faith, we have grown in hope, and most of all we have grown in love. And through it all, we have learned the secret of contentment that only came through much stretching and the testing of our faith. In May, Good Hope Church moved to a new space and has begun a new season of ministry that is both challenging and exciting. Our Sunday gathering is a time of refreshing and a celebration of the family of God coming together. Our children’s ministry has also grown and they now have their own service every week. God has encouraged us to continue to move forward and we are walking with people through some of the most difficult times in their lives. One question that I have been challenged to ask is, “How can we disciple better?” It’s not about how many people fill the seats on Sunday, but about how well we disciple those that do come. Jesus sent His disciples out with one mission…“Go and Make Disciples.” I am not so much concerned with filling seats. God has called me to make disciples, to teach those disciples, and to baptize them in the name... read more

Living Better in 2016

John 10:10 (NIV) The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Jesus said that He came to give life and life more abundantly…or life to the full…or that people would live a better more abundant and full life. As a church, our duty and mission is to make disciples that love Jesus and others. In doing so, our calling is to help people achieve the abundant life Jesus promised. We must not be satisfied with simply preaching the word, but God has called us to live out the purpose and principles of the word as well as teach others to do the same. I personally want to live the abundant and full life Jesus came to give me. I want my family and friends to experience that life as well. I want the community I live and minister in to experience that life as... read more

MINISTRY – Jesus’ Way

We believe that Jesus saves, Jesus redeems, Jesus restores, Jesus renews, and Jesus transforms. We cannot be satisfied with simply filling seats, giving food, running programs, having church etc. We strive to see God’s definition of success become reality in South East DC. Jesus spoke of success in Matthew 13…the parable of the sower. We believe that success in the heart of God is nothing short of a fruitful harvest. The fruitful harvest came forth when the seed was sown into good ground. So the question for every minister should not simply be how much seed can I sow, but where can I find good ground in which to sow it. Good ground is only produced by working the dirt. This is how Jesus did ministry. He worked the dirt and sowed the seed. In Matthew 9:35 it says that Jesus went throughout all the cities teaching, preaching, and healing the sick. He went, He engaged, and He moved in the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus preached a gospel of change and holistic transformation. In John 10:10 He said that He came to not only give life, but life more abundant…or to the full. This is our heart for South East. That even the most broken, the most downhearted, the most desperate, would be transformed in spirit, mind, and body. And not just for them, but for their whole family. This is the power of God to take what has been broken and put it back together again. Please believe with us as we press... read more